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Joomla!'s Common Payment Gateway framework explained


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What is the Common Payments Gateway?

The Common Payments Gateway is an API created by TechJoomla to bridge the Payments gap for the whole Joomla! ecosystem.

With this gateway, several plugins can follow a standard way to integrate with supported payment plugins.

The standard abstraction layer of the Common Payments API ensures that whichever gateway you want to integrate your extension with, you don’t need to make any special changes in your extensions. Using this API in your extensions ensures that your extension will work with all supported payment gateways.

The Common Payments API was released as GPL open-source code at the Joomla World Conference in 2012 & has since been adopted by many extension developers. Future plans for the API include trying to get it included in the Joomla core as libraries in the platform/framework.

A Slide Share that sheds more light on the API is available here.

Which Joomla! components use the Common Payments API?

The following components are known to use the API:

  1. SocialAds
  2. Jticketing
  3. Quick2Cart
  4. JGive
  5. Matukio by Compojoom
  6. DigiStore by IJoomla

More details can be read here.

Many payment plugins exist already that use the CPG API e.g. PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Payfast etc.

Jibi Tech builds payment plugins that sit on the CPG Framework so that you can have one payment solution for more than one Joomla! component, if you so wish. Our list can be found below:

1. CPG Paystack Plugin - integrates the Paystack payments processor that serves Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa and are expanding to more.

Need a plugin that is not on our list yet? Let us know by reaching out by messaging us right now!

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